Binomial Test using SAS


Let’s use the mpg data file and create a new categorical variable according to exist variable drv. The new drv_front variable is defined as 1 if drv = ‘f’ or 0 if not equal ‘f’.  We wish to test whether the proportion of front-wheel drive (drv_front) differs significantly from 50%. The exact statement to produce the exact p-values for binomial distribution.

data mpg;
  set mpg;
  if drv = 'f' then drv_front = 1;
  else drv_front = 0;
proc freq data = mpg;
  tables drv_front / binomial (p=.5);
  exact binomial;

SAS result one sample binomial test

The results indicate that there is no statistically significant difference (p = .1697).  In other words, the proportion of front-wheel drive car in this sample does not significantly differ from the hypothesized value of 50%.


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