Chi-Square Test using R


Say we want to test the independence between cyl_six and drv_front using mpg data file.

> table(cyl_six, drv_front)
cyl_six   0   1
      0  23  62
      1 105  44
> chisq.test(table(cyl_six, drv_front))

Pearson's Chi-squared test with Yates' continuity correction

data: table(cyl_six, drv_front)
X-squared = 39.4295, df = 1, p-value = 3.401e-10

Notice by default, the chisq.test will provide the Chi-squared test with Yates’ continuity correction, which equal to the ‘Continuity Adj. Chi-Square‘ result on SAS result. In order to conduct without correction, adding correct = argument in the function.

> chisq.test(table(cyl_six, drv_front), correct = FALSE)

Pearson's Chi-squared test

data: table(cyl_six, drv_front)
X-squared = 41.1627, df = 1, p-value = 1.401e-10




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